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Thank you so very much for supporting and donating to ART on Wheels-Missouri. Your contribution helps bring a special glimmer of light into the lives of children, students, and adults whose lives have been deeply traumatized by extreme natural disasters.

This website will help explain how the ART on Wheels-Missouri project operates and show you what it takes to collect, transport, and deliver so many art supplies to damaged cities and schools.  It will also show you how Art Making, Therapeutic Art Activities, and Art Therapy can transform the lives of people who have experienced pain, grief, and trauma in a variety of ways. Follow the links below to explore each major event:



TAKE A LOOK AT THE UPDATE on Art Therapy ART RESCUE initiatives taking place in Joplin, MO. This volunteer project, ART on Wheels-Missouri, is the creation of Judith Fowler, Professor Emeritus at Missouri State. Judith retired from teaching in 2014.

  1. ART RESCUE I: Twelve teachers from Missouri and Kansas volunteered to conduct Therapeutic Art Activities at two Joplin Family-Y locations during two weeks in July. Volunteers were divided into ART RESCUE TEAMS, composed of an experienced art teacher and an assistant volunteer, with each team facilitating an art activity at one of the Family-Y locations in town. ART TUBS filled to the brim with art materials provided enough supplies for everyone.

  2. (Supplies are furnished through monetary donations to ART on Wheels-Missouri/Judith Fowler.

  1. ART RESCUE II: Judith and two other Registered Art Therapists, including a Movement Specialist conducted a three-day ART THERAPY CAMP at the Lafayette House in Joplin during the week of August 8-11. (1) Joan Phillips, PhD, ATR-BC, past-president of the American Art Therapy Association (AATA) and Fullbright Scholar, from Norman, Oklahoma

  2. (2) Linda Marcy, ATR-BC, clinical therapist, from Lincoln, Nebraska

  3. (3) Judith  Fowler, ATR, MFA, Art Professor from Missouri State University, assisted with projects and photographed all sessions.

       (4) Amelia Reiser, Movement Specialist from Norman, Oklahoma

  1. ART RESCUE III: Group and individual art therapy sessions with Judith, for traumatized families and children will be held 2x a month during the school year. These sessions, called the BUTTERFLY groups, will be held on weekends in Joplin (and possibly Springfield) . The Butterfly groups will be composed of referrals from art therapy sessions and from teachers who have identified students in their classes significantly traumatized by the tornado.

  1. ART RESCUE IV: During the month of August, Judith worked with a small group of tornado victims in therapy at the Freeman Ozark Mental Health Center. These Friday Art Therapy Sessions will continue on a monthly basis throughout the year.

  1. ART RESCUE V: ART TUBS for Teachers! Art teachers who form an after-school Art Group to help tornado victims will receive a large plastic tub full of art supplies for the duration of their volunteer work.

  1. ART RESCUE VI: ART BOXES for Joplin Teachers! Through a generous donation of art supplies from Connecticut, 15 art teachers will receive 2-3 large boxes of new supplies, reams of paper, and a large bag of M&M’s! The candy is just a fun addition from helps one get through a busy day!

  1. ART RESCUE VII: Art supplies donated to the Franciscan Villa in Springfield, MO

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