ART on Wheels-Missouri


ART on Wheels-Missouri is now up and running in Joplin!

Judith Fowler’s ART on Wheels-Missouri “ART RESCUE MISSION” brings Art Therapy and Therapeutic Art services to children and adults affected by the May 22nd Tornado in Joplin.

Judith Fowler, a Registered Art Therapist and Professor of Art at Missouri State University in Springfield, Missouri, initiated this disaster relief program for the community of Joplin. The project is ongoing and will run throughout the year...or longer.

Judith’s vision involves several interesting projects to help victims of the tornado cope with stress and emotional trauma brought on by the tornado.

  1. ART RESCUE TEAMS: the organization of teacher volunteers. Five teams were formed, with two members per team. Each team used a large ART TUB full of basic art materials (markers, watercolors, pastels, tempra, and color papers) for their volunteer service.

  2. JOPLIN FAMILY-Y: In July, five ART RESCUE teams provided Therapeutic Art Activities at two Joplin Family-Y locations. Over 170 children enjoyed a wide variety of art activities over a two-week time span. When possible, each Art Rescue Team will continue volunteer “art service” beyond the summer workshops and will use the ART TUBS throughout the year during weekends and holidays.

  1. ART THERAPY CAMP at the LAFAYETTE HOUSE: In August, Judith and two other nationally registered Art Therapists, including a Movement Specialist, conducted a four-day ART THERAPY CAMP at the Lafayette House. In addition, an art therapy workshop for the counseling staff and a painting session for the Lafayette Clothesline Exhibition was in full process. Artworks from the Clothesline project will be displayed during Domestic Violence Month.

  1. BUTTERFLY GROUPS: As part of the Butterfly Group initiative, Judith continues to  with tornado victims from the Ozark Center, on Friday afternoons. Plans are in the works for a large weekend group art activity, similar to an art fair.

  1. COLLEGE CHRISTIAN HEIGHTS FAMILY NIGHT: Joan, Linda, Judith, and Joan’s daughter, Amelia, presented a Therapeutic Arts Night at College Heights Christian Church, on Monday evening, August 8th. Around 35 participants enjoyed art making.

  1. FREEMAN OZARK MENTAL HEALTH CENTER: Judith worked with six clients at the Ozark Center on Friday afternoons during the month of July. As the first Butterfly Group, Judith continues to see these clients once a month for watercolor painting, mask making, SketchJournals, and Mandala drawing.

Joan Phillips, PhD, ATR-BC of Norman, OK and Linda Marcy, MS,ATR-BC from Nebraska provided a variety of art therapy services during their stay in August.  Beyond the art camp at Lafayette House, they facilitated an open-studio workshop at College Heights Christian Church.  Both Joan and Linda have experience with de-briefing and post-disaster work. Joan’s daughter, Amelia Reiser, a Movement Specialist, participated in these Art Rescue Events and brought dance and movement therapy to the mix!

  1. Joan Phillips, PhD, ATR-BC, of Norman, Oklahoma.

  2. University of Oklahoma faculty and clinician.

  3. Joan received a Fullbright Scholarship Award and

  4. will be setting up art therapy programs in Ireland.

  5. Joan coordinates the Art Therapy Graduate Program

  6. at the University of Oklahoma in Norman, Oklahoma.

  1. Linda Marcy, MS, ATR-BC, of Lincoln, Nebraska.

  2. Artist/Art Therapist. Linda has relatives in Joplin

  3. who lost their homes in the tornado.

  1. Judith Fowler, MFA, ATR, of Springfield, Missouri.

  2. Professor of Art and Art Education at Missouri State University.

  1. Judith is one of NAEA’s (National Art Education Association) Western Region Representatives for

  2. the “Caucus on The Spiritual in Art Education”

  3. (CSAE.ORG)

Judith’s long term initiative involves Art Therapy workshops for families and children experiencing trauma in the aftermath of the May 22nd tornado.

These specialized workshops, called “The BUTTERFLY groups” will be held at the Ozark Center, Judith’s studio, or an alternate location on a monthly basis.

Keep your eyes on this website, as there will be more pictures and information as this “art rescue mission” unfolds!

JOPLIN Tornado, May 22, 2011